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Support Downloads & Help files.

We are no longer supporting version 4.7 and older of ChurchView Software. We suggest you contact our Sales department for an upgrade to version 5.
The file to re-install the older version of ChurchView is located Here.

First, we have two screen videos to help you setup a second monitor. It is important that you follow these steps if you are using a notebook/laptop computer.

You can view "How To" videos about ChurchView 5 here.

Current version of ChurchView 5 is 5.05, Release 9, published on August 21, 2012

To quickly update any version of 5.5 to the latest Release of 9, Use this Patch File. It is much quicker than installing the entire program again as it only contains the files that have changed, not the entire set.

Revison history can be viewed here.

If you are having trouble playing some DVDs, such as getting Video & no sound, we have a collection of Video Codecs that have worked well for most people. They can be downloaded and installed using this link.

  • To install ChurchView 5 on the computer you are using run the Web Install. You can also download to your desktop and run it from there. (You may have to use "Run as Administrator on some Vista systems.)

  • If you need to take the installation file to a different computer that is not on the internet, then download the Full Install file (about 284 Meg)

  • If you are still running a version of ChurchView prior to 5.5, and need to download an older version, you can still get the Web Install and Full Install by using these links mentioned.

If you get an error installing on WIndows XP, you may be missing the .NET 2.0 runtime library. Please Install .NET 2.0 and then try our Installation again.

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