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The Song Service.

· Start with over 1,200 songs!

· Start with over 1,200 songs!

· Use graphic backgrounds with over 120 transitions

· OR use a video loop for the song background

· Show a preview of the next verse to your song leader BEFORE you show it on the projector.

· Small church? Use a remote presentation control to cue the songs up.

· Print out song sheets, and the song list for the service.

· Print a catalogue of your songs.

· Search by Title, or first verse/chorus

· Search by all text in a song!

· Use mouse or function keys for verse selection.

· Store notes and the Key of the song you most use

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Songs with Graphics or Video Backgrounds

ChurchView Songs - Fast Lookup - Easy Edit, Live with any media background.The song/worship service is a special time for everyone, and you want it to go smoothly. It can also be very dynamic with your worship leader calling for a song that was not on your original list! So you need to search for it quickly and easily then get it up fast!

You can prepare ahead by selecting your song list at home, and entering any new songs. Then print the song and/or song list, export the information to a flash drive (or memory stick) and bring it to church, all setup in advance.

Of course for those last minute requests, you can quickly enter a song, or import from a variety of sources. We not only import songs from the older version of ChurchView 4.7, but also from  SongSelect on CCLI downloaded files, a text file, and some of our (dare we say it) competitors.

During a song service you can use Function keys or the mouse to display the next verse of the song. With the Dual Plus level of ChurchView 5 and above, you can easily show the song lyrics on the teleprompt monitor before you show them on the main projector. This gives the worship leader and musicians a heads-up on the next verse or chorus.

ChurchView Songs - using the Remote ControlWe have added a "Remote Control" to the song service for smaller churches that may have limited people. By using a standard remote control used for a remote PowerPoint presentation, you can control the song service. Load the next song, go back one verse, or to the next verse. All under remote control!

ChurchView 5 starts you out with over 1,200 unique songs, and you can have a group of people download the demo version and enter the songs from your hymn book. Then you can merge all the songs into a master list, and make it available for your whole church district!

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