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The following is a list of revisions for each release since ChurchView 5 was published.

Newest release is on the top, oldest on the bottom.

ChurchView 5.05, Revision 9 (Aug 21, 2012)

·         FIXED: “Evaluation Version” showing in the About dialog box.

·         Added 15, 20, and 30 minutes to the "Count Down" time.

·         The Projector Monitor Selection will no longer re-set when you run your notebook (or laptop) without the projector attached.

·         Transition Selection for Announcements is now remembered when you close & open ChurchView.

·         The Transition for the slide you last have selected will be used on the NEW slide.

·         When CUE is on Preview, pressing SEND will now send the text to the projector.

·         Corrected screen layout errors in Songs NOTE tab.

·         Corrected Print Preview error (loading old data)

·         The "Three Click Lookup" will now go between Alphabetical AND Bible order without having to close & re-open.

·         Finished CCLI Report!

·         If you hold down ALT when clicking on NEW or ADD on the CUE tab, the new row will be inserted above the one that is currently active.

·         When viewing the “Bible Chapter”, the selected verse will now be on the top of the grid.

ChurchView 5.05, Revision 8 (May 5, 2012)

·         Announcements now have Title and Body text alignment for each slide.

·         Improved  Graphic preview on “Graphics” tab of Songs.

·         “Book of Bible”  will now check for a valid Book Entered.

·         Bible Translation selections are now saved when you close & open ChurchView

·         Show 2nd Bible  selection is now saved when you close & open ChurchView.

·         Improvements to DVD Remote.

·         Improvements to showing PowerPoint slides when using a background graphic.

·         Missing Title Location  / scripture problem solved on new installations.

·         “Background” graphic  sent to back when showing PowerPoint on some systems.

ChurchView 5.05, Revision 7b (Apr 28, 2012)

·         2nd Bible now follows the Forward & Back buttons properly.

·         Removed occasional error when  using “new” button on empty Cue list.

·         You can now use “ALT + SEND” to send only the scripture reference to the projector.

·         FIXED “Song Title” not clearing

·         Adjustments made to “auto sizing” of text.

·         Scripture Font size re-set when you click on the “find” button.

·         Scripture Font size saved, when you click on Next, Back, or Send buttons.

·         “FADE” on Background Graphics now works properly to 100%, and faster.

·         Font Alignment for Announcement Body text now works properly.

ChurchView 5.05, Revision 6 (Mar 20, 2012)

·         Temporary folder location fix.

ChurchView 5.05, Revision 5 (Mar 17, 2012)

·         Misc. small bug fixes.

·         Changed the way “Common Directories” are discovered.

ChurchView 5.05, Revision 0 (Jan 21, 2012)

·         Auto Backup of song data. Keeps last 10 changes by date.

·         Separate Add/Edit screen for songs.

·         Thumbnail preview of PowerPoint slides in Media tab.

·         Background photo effects added. (To Greyscale, and Fading)

·         CUE list can be sent to Projector OR just Tele-Prompt.
(Great for line prompting during a play)

·         Songs can be sent to Project OR just to the Tele-Prompt.
(Great for special, when they need prompting for the words)

·         You can select English / Spanish / or German for the Bible Book Dropdown /selection

·         There are now two (2) presets for Transition Effects, and you can customize them.

·         Minor bug fixes and enhancements.

·         All Videos have been updated on the ChurchView 5 YouTube Channel.

·         Copy & Paste background settings.

·         SongView window will remember it’s position. There is also a MAX HEIGHT button.

ChurchView 5.02, Revision 5 (Jun 15, 2010)

·         Scripture title will now show properly when you use a Video Background.

·         TelePrompt will now use your selected background.

·         NEW Song Graphics Tab – Quick select/change for song backgrounds.

·         Media Tab – Slider will now track time properly for Video Files

·         DVD Remote – DVD Menu functions improved.

·         Closed Captioning (CC) is now available from the DVD Remote Control.

·         DVD Remote will now show the Drive it is using at the top.

·         You can now import songs from ChurchView version 3.0

·         Single quotes can now be used in song search (IE: search for I’m)

·         Auto Recovery on Video file errors.

·         You can now pre-set the starting position of a video file before you press the “Show Video” button.

·         You can now use Slide Timing to auto-advance PowerPoint slides on the Media Tab.

·         CV5 will now update properly when you open/close a CD/DVD drive with a DVD in it.

·         Auto-Configure of Projector Selection.

·         Retail Keys are now supported!

ChurchView 5.02, Revision 4 (Oct 3, 2009)

·         DVD Remote is now used to play DVDs from the Media Tab.

·         DVD Remote has been added to the “Options” menu.

·         DVD Remote now has full menu buttons to navigate and select DVD menus.

·         Added -  WMV (Windows Media Video Files) in the file load filters

·         Added PowerPoint Slide Show (PPS) to the File filter in Media Manager

·         Improved Debugging information on startup.

·         Searching for a song will no longer show it LIVE (in error) until you tell it too.

·         You can now RIP CD tracks and store them as MP3s (See Media Tab).

·         Send “Song Title” to Message box, and then to TelePrompt.

·         NEW: Count Down Tab to create Service Count Down messages!

·         NEW: Chapter Preview to preview one chapter of scripture.

ChurchView 5.02, Revision 3 (May 20, 2009)

·         Song View – Lyric window under the “Options” menu. You can also use Ctrl+S to load it.

·         More Icons added to all the menus.

·         Songs now include “Date Added” information for CCLI report.

·         Remote Control can now be used for a PowerPoint Presentation using the Media Tab.

·         ChurchView Audio Editor added to Options menu (IF CV-AE is installed)

ChurchView 5.02, Revision 2 (Apr. 20, 2009)

·         First addition of “Live Video Feed” (improvements to follow)

·         Synchronizing of the Second Bible has been fixed.

·         Two New Bibles added!

o    GEB – 1905 German Darby Elberfelder Bible

o    GLB – 1912 German Luther Bible.

·         Option to “RIP” CD tracks to computer in Media tab.

·         Both 16:9 and 4:3 screen ratios now work correctly.

·         Stretch Video to fit screen now works correctly again.

·         FIX – Clear button on Setup-Background tab no longer generates an error.

·         You can now “Edit” and print the notes for a Song List.

·         Added Volume control for Videos & DVD on Media Tab.

·         Added Video Time and Position to Media Tab.

·         Added a “Print” under the file menu. This will as you to select a printer before it prints a report.

ChurchView 5.02, Revision 1 (Feb 6, 2009)

·         Improved the Installation and setup.

·         Fixed a few “bugs” that snuck in with the new video library.

ChurchView 5.02, Revision 0 (Feb 1, 2009)

·         NEW Global search for Song Text will search all verses and choruses for text.

·         NEW You can now import songs fromWorship Him” software.

·         Foyer Preview will now remember ON/OFF and Location

·         TelePrompt Preview will now remember ON/OFF and Location

·         Printing Song Service List now includes “Key”

·         Printing Song Lead Sheet now includes “Notes”

·         You can now Drag & Drop to change the Cue list order.

·         You can now Drag & Drop to change the Announcement List order.

·         You can now Drag & Drop to change the Song order for the service.

·         You can now Drag & Drop from the Song list to the Song Service list, and the new song will be inserted in the list where you drop it.

·         The Bible List in the Three Click Lookup can now be optionally sorted alphabetically.

·         Misc. bug fixes.

·         NEW – Print the CUE list.

·         NEW – Play DVD’s on Projector, Mark & play from Title / Chapter.

·         Sound Recorder uses a new library and is now resizable

·         You now have the option to “PIN” the Sound Recorder on top of other windows or not.

·         You can now record WMA files as well as MP3 and WAV

·         More Recording options for file format.

·         The “Track Number” will now store correctly.

·         You can now use the “Genre” tag for MP3. Default is “Voice”

·         ChurchView 5.02 will now run on Vista 64!

·         New “Dual Plus” Level. Same as Dual, but with TelePrompt.

·         When PowerPoint is used, it will now show on the Projector. Previously, if this was not setup in PowerPoint first, it would not behave as expected.

·         Transparent color is now selectable for text overlay.

·         The Spanish Bible can now be used as a second (Dual) bible in the LE version.

ChurchView 5.01, Revision 5 - November, 2008

·         NEW Add "SPLIT" bible (Horizontal) to show two Bible translations.
(Think Parallel Bible Scriptures)

·         More options added for the location of the Scripture Reference Title

·         Add "Top Margin Size" for Title / Body split.

·         Top Title can will now "Wrap" for two or more lines.

·         FIX: Bible names too long for "Cue" list.

·         Changed "WMF" in the file type filters to be it's own filter. Removed from "Images"

·         NEW A preview window of the Teleprompt

·         NEW Preview window for the Foyer

·         Allow "Songs" to be shown on Tele-Prompt, while Announcements are shown on the main screen.

·         We can now show/use Quick Time (.mov) Videos.

·         Trap "Non-Numbers" entered into Font Size for Cue Grid.

·         Create Printed Manual from Help File

·         Remove "Development Mode" and "NO AUTO UPDATE" Text from "About" box.

·         The book "Matthew" was spelt with only one "T" in all versions of the bible except the King James!

·         On Songs, change CLEAR to CLEAR LIST button.

·         Auto-Save Song List.

·         Go To Slide # for PowerPoint

·         NOTES tab in songs should not CLEAR or adjust Projector (or preview)

·         Highlight NOTES Tab with RED (if text).

·          If the text is too big to fit, the font size will be adjusted DOWN so all text is visible. The next scripture / song etc. will be the selected text size.

·         The "Strech Grahpic to fit screen" on the Background Graphics tab will now also apply to video backgrounds.

·         NEW The TITLE TEXT can now be a different color than the BODY of the text.

·         NEW The TITLE alignment can now be Left, Right or Centered.

·         NEW - on the Setup - Import Data tab, you can now adjust the Font Size for All Songs at the same time.

·         Entering a New Song has been improved.

·         Genesis was missing Chapter 50. This has been corrected.

ChurchView 5.01, Revision 4 - September, 2008 

·         When importing from “Song Select” the default file extension has been changed to .USR

·         On the Setup-Tele-prompt tab you can select to show the background graphics, or just view a solid color.

·         You can now select a default graphic / logo file to show on the Projector from the Setup-Monitor tab.

·         When showing a video from the Media tab, you now have a volume control slider.

·         You can select multiple rows on the Announcement grid, and apply “Transitions” to only the selected rows.

·         Transitions can also be applied by selecting multiple rows in the Cue list.

·         The song tabs (Chorus, Verse, etc) now show the function key shortcuts on them.      

ChurchView 5.01, Revision 3 - July, 2008

·         Grids will now remember when you change the column size and order between sessions.

·         ** NEW ** Three Click Verse Lookup!!

·         ** You can now use Video files for announcement backgrounds

·         You can also "Show" a short video with the Announcements with or without text overlay.
(Remember, if you start the Title text with "*", it will not show on the slide.)

·         Video will be "Muted" when auto-run on the Foyer monitor.

·         Basic Computer information has been added to the Setup - Registration screen to aid in trouble shooting.

·         The Help file has been updated with these changes, as well as another video.

ChurchView 5, Release 2 - June, 2008

·         Click on "Prompt" will send (and keep) a preview to the teleprompt display. (REQUESTED)

·         Hold down CTRL when you click on "Prompt" if you want to clear the teleprompt display.

·         Media tab will now remember it's list, and restore the list when you start it up again. (REQUESTED)

·         NEW - Bible Word Search! See button on top-right of CV5, (Search), and also help manual.

·         For those that like to "Cue Up" the whole service, if you select the whole line, and use the up/down arrows, you can:
     Double Click to send to the projector
     Press "Enter" on your keyboard to send to the projector