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ChurchView Prices
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Levels and Features of ChurchView 5.5

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LE Level
Update for $49

LE allows the budget conscience Church to project like a pro.

  • With Songs and the KJV Bible, you can easily manage your media.
  • Second bible set to Spanish.
  • Average learning curve is 15 minutes.
  • Standard technical support.
  • Over 1,200 songs!
  • Media function to play CD Audio, Audio and Video Files, and PowerPoint!
    (Note: You need to have a version of Microsoft PowerPoint installed to show
     PowerPoint Slides)
  • Supports Main Monitor + 1 other (Projector)
  • Dual Level
    Update for $99

    Dual Screen gives you more with:

    • Announcements 
    • Sermon Notes (Cue List)
    • Transition Screen
    • 7 versions of the Bible including Spanish
    • Over 1,200 Songs
    • Nursery Alerts
    • Average learning curve is 2 Hours
    • 24/7 technical support
    • Supports Main Monitor + 1 other (Projector)
    Dual Plus Level
    Dual Plus has all the features of Dual, and adds the Teleprompting
    • Separate channel teleprompting
    • Supports Main Monitor + 2 others! (Projector, Teleprompter)
    • Also includes the ChurchView Audio Editor
    Quad Level
    Update for $149

    Ultimate media solution with all the features of ChurchView
    Dual Level plus:

    • Separate channel teleprompting
    • Foyer announcements via ChurchView or PowerPoint
    • Supports Main Monitor + 3 others! (Projector, Teleprompter, Foyer)
    • Also includes the ChurchView Audio Editor

    Free with any of the above.

    Useful for a Church Leader to edit and select Songs, Announcements,
     and the CUE List. Then Export to your main version at church by
     Memory Stick or email.

    • With Songs and the KJV Bible, you can easily manage your media.
    • Enter / Edit Cue list and Export the List.
    • Enter / Edit Announcements and Export c/w Graphic files used.
    • Enter / Edit new Songs and export.
    • Create a Song List and print and/or export.
    • Supports only the Main Monitor.


    • Update Prices are for valid users of ChurchView 4.7
    • To update you must have a valid copy of ChurchView 4.7
      Please contact sales to validate your update price.
    • All Levels of ChurchView are site licenses - meaning you can install the
       software on as may computers at the address that was registered for
       the church only. Again all codes will be handled through email only.
    • Existing customers will need to phone 800-989-7287 or
      email to upgrade to version 5.
    Download Options

    ChurchView 5

    If you have not yet downloaded the latest ChurchView 5 Demo, you may now do so by clicking on the one of the following download buttons.

    NOTE: The Demo and the live program are the same. The Software key turns the demo into the live version.

     ChurchView 5.5 Web Install - use when your computer is connected to the internet.

    Use this green Install Button above if the computer you are installing CV5 on is attached to the web. (IE: The computer you are viewing this on)

     ChurchView 5.5 Full Install - Download and Install on a computer that is NOT Connected to the Internet.

    Use the blue Download button if you need to take the installation file to a different computer than the one you are currently working on. that has a 30 day time limit. After 30 days it becomes a work station where you can edit songs and announcements then export them to your live version. The Demo can be turned into a live version of ChurchView at any time simply by purchasing a license key using one of the "Buy Now" buttons on this page.

    Update Patch

    If you have ChurchView installed you can update to the latest version by simply running the patch program. Please note this will only work if you have version 5.02 (any release).

    Download ChurchView Patch - 5.02, R5

    Please use the information on the Support Page to contact us if you have any questions.

    If you get an error installing on WIndows XP, you may be missing the .NET 2.0 runtime library. Please Install .NET 2.0 and then try our Installation again.

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