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The Media Player.

  • Cue up a single CD track

  • Use the Internet to lookup the CD track information

  • Cue a Chapter on a DVD, then fade up to show on the main Projector.

  • Play any sound file

  • Play any Video file on the main projector

  • Show a PowerPoint presentation complete with all the slide transition effects.
    (NOTE: you must have Microsoft PowerPoint installed for this to work)

  • Loop a sound over and over again for a background effect, or just play it once.

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PowerPoint, Video, Audio, CD, DVD... complete Media control

Media Player - CD, Audio, Video, PowerPoint and DVD PlaybackThe Media Tab in ChurchView allows you to control almost all the different types of media you will need to use during a service. From cueing up a song track for a special, to showing a DVD, you have the flexibility to do it all.

You can cue up a single track from an audio CD, and not have to worry about the next song playing. When you cue up a single song, that is what you get. So you do not have to use Windows Media Player or anything else to handle your sound files.

No more dragging a DVD window over to your projector. When you cue up a chapter to play, it will gracefully fade in on the main projector. You still have full control, so you can pause, stop, and fade out the DVD when you are finished.

Almost any video file that you have on your computer, or one that someone brings on a flash drive / memory stick can also be played. Even a Flash Video that someone captures from YouTube or any other internet source can be played.

So use a powerful video to start your service from Midnight Oil ProductionsIgniter Media group or maybe something like the following from

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