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Up to Seven Bibles

· Easily enter a scripture reference to load up a verse.

· OR Quickly select a verse in 3 clicks!

· OR do a word search to find the scripture.

· Quickly move forward or back.

· Easily combine two or more verses.

· Show two different Bible versions at the same time, such as King James and Spanish!

· Smoothly Fade between Slides in PowerPoint and Scripture with ChurchView.

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Seven Bibles at your fingertips!

Dual Bibles queued up to show on the Projector Even with our Lite (LE) version of ChurchView 5, we give you the ability to show two bibles on the screen at the same time. The King James and Reina-Valera Revision.

With the Dual Level and up, you have seven bibles to work with, including a Spanish version, "Reina-Valera Revision 1960"

If you are a fast typist, you can quickly enter in the chapter name, and the list will narrow to match your selection as you type. For those who are not quick on the keyboard, you can use the Three Click Lookup to find any verse in the bible.

For those times when a portion of scripture is given, but not it's location in the bible you can search the scriptures and find the correct reference in a flash.

As you work your way forward in the bible reading, scriptures can be combined by holding down the shift key. So you can quickly build a screen with more than one verse reference as well. I

If you are preparing ahead, collect your scripture references and copy the bible text into the Cue list. No matter what our preference, you can find it fast and easy in a second or two.

The Bibles that are available with the Dual Level of ChurchView 5 and up are as follows:

King James Version New American Standard Bible
New International Version New King James Version
Revised Standard Version New Revised Standard Version
Reina-Valera Revision 1960 (Spanish)
German Darby Elberfelder Bible (1905) German Luther Bible (1912)

More Bibles will be added this year so keep checking back for updates!
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