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Cue List Summary
  • Cue up Scripture and notes before the service so you have them at your finger tips.
  • Use the spell checker on your body or title.
  • Export the Cue List and load it on a different computer. (IE: Create the list at home, and bring it to church)
  • Use over 120 transitions between slides
  • add any graphic file to use as a background
  • Use any video loop for a background
  • Show two different bible translations at the same time!
  • Cue up Titles and Notes
  • Drag & Drop to re-order the Cue List
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Cue List - Scripture, Notes, and Titles

ChurchView 5 - Cue Tab for Bible scripture, notes, and TitlesThe Cue List (Show to the left) is where you can create a list of scriptures that will be used for the service. Use the Bible Search or Three click Lookup to find the bible scripture you need in any of the 7 bibles, then add the reference to your Cue List. If you are only quoting part of a long scripture verse, you can edit the text.

It is also easy to ad any notes, points quotes, or titles you need to the cue list. The build in spell checker will help make sure that any typos will be caught before you project to your main screen. Of course you can easily add any special words to the dictionary that you use.

During the service, you can quickly walk down the list, and project by double clicking or pressing the enter key on your keyboard. Quickly add other scripture by using the normal bible lookup and walk your way through any part of the bible.

With over 120 transitions to use,  it is easy to make a professional presentation and keep the interest of your audience.

The Cue list can be quickly put together before the service starts, or you can take your time gathering scripture and quotations at home, and then export the list to bring to church.

If you have multiple speakers, you can save a cue list for each one of them, and then load the selected cue list when you need it.

This can replace the PowerPoint slides since everyone will not have to invest in a copy for everyone, but you can let the Demo version of ChurchView expire, and turn into a workstation copy to use at home to edit and export this list.

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