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Announcement Tab

· Each announcement has start and end dates.

· Use any graphic file for a background

· Over 120 transition effects (including random)

· Use a Video background or…

· Show a short video loop.

· Convert a PowerPoint presentation to graphic slides.

· Select which slide shows on the Main Projector and/or Foyer monitor.

· Have the Foyer announcements “live” for your entire service!

· Drag & Drop to re-arrange the order of your slides.

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Announcements with Graphic or Video Backgrounds

ChurchView - Announcements with Video or graphics Many churches us something like PowerPoint to run announcements on their main projector or have a special Computer set aside for the Foyer monitors. The problem with this, is that you can't make any changes to the announcements when they are running. You also have to spend a lot of time editing the PowerPoint loop since things always change.

With ChurchView, you can use a graphic or video loop as the background to the announcement you have.  It is also easy to edit a slide or add a new announcement while they are showing on your main projector or Foyer monitors.

Each announcement has a start and end date, so you can populate a years worth of announcements from your main calendar, and they will only show during the dates you select. You can also use a short video instead of a static page, and flag them to show on the Foyer, Main Projector, or both.

Sample Screen showing Annoucement with Graphic BackgroundEven though you can also use a PowerPoint presentation as a slide, the easy way is to use the Media Tab to convert a PowerPoint slide set to a set of Graphic files, and auto-add them to the announcement section.

There is enough flexibility to the announcements that you can show them any way you want. Quickly and easily. And you can show one slide at a time when someone is talking about the event.  


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